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Xenom architecture


We specialize in design and fabrication of composite products

For over 25 years, Xenom operates as the local leader in the design and manufacturing of composite elements, from one-off singular parts to large ongoing series and projects. We supply comprehensive solutions, from design to production and installation, across sectors: construction, defence, aerospace, medical devices, marine, and more.

A seasoned team of experts in manufacturing, engineering, design and development assures an ultimate solution for every unique challenge. Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, automated processes, tailored solutions through research and development, and a creative team place Xenom at the forefront of composite manufacturing. 

Xenom architecture

Solutions in composites for advanced architectural design

Xenom industry

Fabrication of composite parts for a wide variety of industries

Xenom aeronautics and defense

Ultimate quality parts that satisfy aerospace and defence requirements

Diagonal Patten

We provide a comprehensive solution for composite manufacturing

Composite materials

Composite materials are the combination of two materials with different properties - a polymer resin and advanced technological fibers – that together create a new material with enhanced properties. 

The composite material is engineered according to the performance requirements of the end product, achieving exceptional high strength and durability with low density, which makes it the optimal and resilient solution for long-term service. Advanced engineering and technology involved in the manufacturing process, enable freedom of design together with an ultimate specific strength.

Why choose composites?

Optimal mechanical capacities

Built to endure

Endless finishing options

No scale limit

Geometrical complexity

Our Customers

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