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Composite Materials

Composites are the combination of two materials of distinct properties – a polymer resin and technical fibers, that together create a new material with new enhanced properties. The material is engineered to obtain the required performance of ultimate strength, extreme lightness, high resistance, long life-service, and competitive price according to the requirements of the final product. The design and fabrication processes of composite parts require advanced technology and engineering, providing excellent

specific strength and design flexibility. The Xenom Company dedicates significant resources to the development and assimilation of new fabrication technologies. Our company has developed proprietary fabrication processes, and is in the process of patent registration, with the support of the Israeli Innovation Authority. Our services include the development of customized solutions and novel technologies in partnership with leading academics and defense industry companies. 


When designing for composites, the limits are set by your imagination. No other material system offers design flexibility and versatility like composite materials. Geometrically complex products can be designed without being constrained by size, shape, or texture.

Freedom of

A composite product is made to last. Its excellent wear resistance, durability in various and extreme environmental conditions, and dimensional stability make it the ideal choice for your product that needs years of irreproachable service.

Long-term Cost-Effectiveness 
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Composites are versatile in their appearance and enable a wide range of finishes according to requirements of tone and texture. They can be repaired, fixed, cut to measure and drilled, in the factory as well as on-site.

Variety of Finishes And Styles

Composite materials enable infinite combinations of materials for various purposes. At Xenom, we are here to direct you towards the optimal material selection for your specific need.

A World of 

Composites are non-corrosive, do not rust, are chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and are UV resistant. These exceptional properties assure long-term service with minimal maintenance.

Durability in Extreme Conditions
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The high durability and longevity of a composite product translate into minimal maintenance over years of service. The energetic footprint of composite production is extremely low. Combined with its long-term service, these parameters make the composite material a ‘green’ material.

A Sustainable Material 
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Composite materials are anisotropic in nature. As compared to traditional materials such as metal, composites' anisotropy offers a noteworthy advantage, since it allows the material to be placed according to structure needs, making it highly efficient and ideal for specific applications.

The Advantage of Directionality

The engineered sandwich structure of the composite materials can be directed towards acoustic absorption according to performance requirements.

Acoustic Absorption Capacities

The customizable production of composite parts makes it ideal for integration with other systems and parts, with brackets, flanges, and other joints systems of any form and material. 

Integration With Fasteners
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