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Xenom aeronautics and defense

Defence and Aerospace

Manufacturing of Composite Parts Complying With Aeronautics’ Specifications   

Injection processes are at the forefront of advanced composite technologies. With over a decade of experience in the field, Xenom has fabricated a wide array of products using different injection techniques and supported by our advanced knowhow of mould-making design and engineering together with proprietary flow simulation tools. We manufacture aeronautic ducts and structural beams, using pre-impregnated materials (prepreg) for ultimate control and high quality, assuring low-density parts. 


We manufacture ducts and structural beams for aerospace applications, using prepreg fabrics.

Beams & Ducts


RTM process impregnates carbon fabrics through high-pressure resin injection. Its enables high-precision parts with an exceptional strength/weight ratio, applied to complex geometries.

RTM Carbon parts


Accuracy, reliability and high-performance are the main requirements from lightweight composite structures. Their combination with specific materials grants it with unique electrical properties, at a variety of frequencies.

Radomes & Reflectors


A hollow monocoque structure with internal ribs, manufactured as one-piece. This unique process enables the fabrication of parts of high accuracy and geometrical complexity, with an exceptional strength/weight ratio. Its design relies on advanced flow simulations and the use of carbon-fiber fabrics with a unique internal structure.

Carbon Elevator Monocoque


Autonomous submarines are manufactured by a unique technology that enables precise constant thickness for large parts, together with optimal wetting ratio (fiber volume fraction)



Marine radomes require unique specifications of composite materials. The unique process we apply for the manufacturing of radomes ensures an outcome with minimal air cavities and maximal strength, compatible with harsh marine environments.

Marine Dooms


The design and fabrication of flight simulators combine the know-how of precision composites both in security and in construction sectors. The realization of the simulators' screens requires very large high-precision moulds together with advanced injection-based fabrication processes.


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