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Xenom industry


Composite Materials for Various Industrial Applications

Over the past twenty years we have executed hundreds of projects in which we have developed and manufactured a wide range of products using a variety of manufacturing technologies. The company owns a cutting-edge production capability with the most advanced equipment of its kind in the country, which allows construction of the highest quality, in the shortest time.


High stiffness and low weight make composite materials the optimal solution for a variety of industrial components, for one-off as well as serial productions.

Industrial Parts


Composite materials in advanced manufacturing processes make the optimal material solution for marine environment, assuring high durability for harsh and aggressive environment conditions.



We design and manufacture various vehicle fittings for both internal and external applications. Fabrication technologies are varied and depend on the part's level of complexity, production volume and more.



Parts and machine enclosures for medical devices require stiffness, ultimate accuracy and high-quality finish, applied to complex three-dimensional shapes. Xenom has been involved in the manufacturing and development of a large number of healthcare devices and objects.

Enclosure for Medical Devices


Composite materials are the preferred solution for the fabrication of designed machine enclosures of all types and sizes, as they assure perfect fit and stiff joints between parts and high quality finish.

Machine Enclosures

All Industrial Projects

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