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Technology and Engineering

Xenom stands at the forefront of manufacturing technology in composites. Our ability to lead a process from initial concept up to a finished product in composites, according to specific performance requirements while optimising material capabilities, relies on various technological tools and know-how: design and engineering experience, simulation tools and advanced manufacturing techniques.

 Composite Manufacturing 

For every project we match the most suitable fabrication technology, taking into account product requirements, geometry, performance requirements, budget limitations and schedule. Along with our unique specialization in injection molding, we master a variety of fabrication techniques, as well as develop proprietary processes and patents. Read more


All composite fabrication processes are based on the use of moulds. We answer the need for moulds and parts machining with our in-house advanced equipment and CNC capabilities with a specialisation in large parts, unrivalled in the local market of plastics and composites. Read more

 Advanced Engineering 

Composites are engineered materials. The selection of composite’s constituents, its material construction and the manufacturing process are all selected and engineered according to the  performance requirements of the finished part, considering its geometry and the environmental condition. Working in the field for several decades, we understand that the logic and know-how of composites are still rather new to most engineers and designers. We are here to give all necessary support, in consulting and engineering services, in order to help you realise your vision in composites, within your budgetary limits and according to your needs. The experience of our engineers ranges from mechanical engineering, to polymers, electronics, industrial engineering and architecture. Read more

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