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Advanced Engineering

Composites are engineered materials. The selection of composite’s constituents, its material construction and the manufacturing process are all selected and engineered according to the  performance requirements of the finished part, considering its geometry and the environmental condition. Working in the field for several decades, we understand that the logic and know-how of composites are still rather new to most engineers and designers. We are here to give all necessary support, in consulting and engineering services, in order to help you realise your vision in composites, within your budgetary limits and according to your needs.

The experience of our engineers ranges from mechanical engineering, to polymers, electronics, industrial engineering and architecture.Xenom accompanies you with full service all along your process, from initial design to finished product, suggesting services of  3D modeling, structural engineering, numerical analysis (FEA), flow simulation (CFD), and more. Our engineering services assure material selection, structural analysis,  mould design, jigs and tooling, for a fully customised and adapted fabrication process. Xenom’s expertise in flow simulations for composites (CFD) facilitates the production of parts by injection processes of high complexity and  in extremely large dimensions. 

The fabrication of composite parts by injection is widely used in the industry, thanks to its relative low-cost, its material efficiency and the excellent mechanical performance of the manufactured part. The complexity of the injection process requires numerical simulation for full control over the resin flow, for closed as well as open moulds.

Numerical simulation of RTM processes gives a visualisation of the  resin distribution and flow in the mould, crucial for the design of an optimised process . It enables the minimisation of air pockets and cavities in the product, which can be detrimental to its quality and performance. In difference with classic simulation of injected thermoplastic polymers, the simulation of composites includes the behaviour of  porous core materials and fabrics, which strongly affect the resin flow in the injected part. Our ability to simulate the injection process enables the quick and accurate planning of the injection moulds and process, with no limitations of size  or shape. 

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