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Xenom industry


For over 25 years Xenom is positioned as a national leader and expert in the design, engineering and fabrication of composite products. We develop and produce high-precision parts of FRP and advanced composites for various industries - defense, machinery, construction, marine, automotive, and aviation.

Xenom manufactures high-end composites since 1995, with a team of over 40 experienced professionals, assuring highest quality in production, design and engineering. With the most substantial fabrication unit locally, we answer the need for manufacturing of large series as well as unique items. 

Composite materials is our expertise 

  • A variety of polymer resins: Epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester, cyanate ester, polyurethane, silicone  and more

  • A variety of fibres: Carbon, glass, aramid, basalt, dyneema and more

  • A variety of core materials: honeycomb, foam and flexible core mats


The largest mold and model production facility in the country

We provide the widest range of fabrication technologies in one place, for fabrication of moulds, models and products of all sizes, performance requirements, accuracy and quality control. 


Design and Engineering

  • A team of experts in design and engineering of molds and production lines

  • Proprietary flow-simulation tool   

  • Strategic world-leading partners

  • Research and development of novel processes and applications

2016-10-06 15.42.28-1.jpg


  • 5 axis CNC milling machine 3.5x3.5x1.2 m.

  • 3 axis CNC milling machine 1.6x2.4x0.4 m.

  • TARTLER Tooling Paste 

  • Tooling Paste Mold technology

  •  Autoclave - 1.6 m' diameter

  • Patterns Table Cutting System

  • Resin mixing unit


Manufacturing processes

  • Injection moulding RTM

  • Contact moulding

  • Resin infusion (LRI)

  • Mould making

  • Reuse Silicon bagging

Xenom company and its dedicated staff are committed to service of the highest standards of quality and personal care. With our knowledge, experience, and facilities, we are your ideal partners for the planning, design, and ultimately, the delivery of the finest products in composite materials. 

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