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We have two milling machines for composites, wood and plastics. we have a 3-axis machine of medium size, and a 5-axis machine, the largest on the local market (3500X3500X1500 mm). Our CNC capabilities for carbon parts are especially important in small series where costly investment in molds can be avoided by finishing in five axes with the highest levels of precision.

All composite fabrication processes are based on the use of moulds. Xenom holds the most advanced equipment and CNC capabilities in the local market of plastics and composites, along with specialization in the production of large parts. Xenom's machining system allows us to provide a fast and reliable solution in composites, without competition.

All various composite fabrication processes in Xenom start with a mould, which we prepare in a multi-step CNC milling process:  we start with rough machining of the bulk material (mostly wood, EPS or Sica block), which then is coated and rigidified with a fibreglass and epoxy layer. This is then coated with an additional layer of polymer paste (tooling paste). Finally the coated form is milled in high precision to match the final dimensions and shape of the part, ready for serial production. 

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